Strabismus surgery

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I’m having eye surgery tomorrow. So what, you ask?

  1. Please pray for me and for my surgeon for a successful outcome.
  2. This is an opportunity for me to be a voice for the goodness of God, even when circumstances aren’t so good.

For 3-4 years now, my vision has been impaired. Often times I cannot drive or do my regular activities because of it. Even so, I believe NOW, more than ever, that God is faithful and good.

One year ago, my eye doctor said that the impaired eye muscle was inoperable. This spring it has healed to an operable state, and I’m a good candidate for the strabismus surgery that I’m having tomorrow.

Did you catch that? God, in his infinite wisdom, has answered my prayer for healing. From inoperable to operable.

What are you praying for and waiting for God to answer?

Will you trust in His goodness if He doesn’t answer the way that you are asking?

Whether my vision is impaired or not, God is seated on His throne.

Whether my vision is impaired or not, He is loving and merciful.

Realistically, I shouldn’t even be alive, much less having a full and incredible life with people I love and an annoying vision/migraine problem.

Yet here I am.

Photo on 3-30-16 at 9.21 AM

Here I am, alive, in spite of destructive choices, addictions, in spite of trying to kill myself when I was young, and years of depression.

All because of Jesus and His mercy to save me and free me.

I’m praying that the strabismus procedure will be successful and that I can ditch the glasses for good.

But even if not, I will still praise and worship the great God who loves me and gave His life so that I could be saved and free.

Not problem free, but free from bondage. We may never be problem free.

If your circumstances don’t ever line up the way that you desire, do you believe that you can have the abundant life that Jesus offers us?


Worship, running, and sweaty selfies


After a run and power-walk this week, my friend Lori and I took this sweaty selfie.

photo 1

You may be thinking what I’m thinking. Which is, “Wow.” If you’re a runner in the summer in Texas, after half an hour, you’ll have gnats sticking to the sweat on your face. It’s REALLY gross. But it does make you feel kind of hard-core. If you live around here and you’re a runner, can I get an “Amen”? Y’all know what I mean!

We are all happy because we had the best time out there on Tuesday morning! We kept a steady rhythm of exchanging stories of the different things going on in our lives and in our families’ lives. There are some difficult things and some miraculous things happening in our families. We just couldn’t stop talking and we were giddy with excitement with how we see God at work in our circumstances. By the end of it all, we realized that we probably didn’t run as much as we had wanted to, but that was ok.

We’d had one of our best mobile outdoor praise and worship services, gnats and all!



P.S. I am RUNNING AGAIN!!!!! I’m so excited and grateful to be feeling well enough! I’m adding in a little at a time, and right now I’m at 1.25 miles as my max at one time. Besides that, I’m adding in shorter run intervals and plan to string them together. Wooooohooooooooo!

God’s glory in my backyard

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This morning I had a worship service in my car, which moved to my backyard. I was suppressing a huge grin as I drove home from early morning school carpool. I couldn’t wait to get home and photograph the beautiful sunrise! I decided to take the long way home where most of the drive was in a school zone so that I was forced to drive really slow and would have the best view of the sunrise.

I don’t know if you believe this or not, but I think everything we do can be worship if our heart is pointing to God. Think about it for a second.

Olympian Eric Liddell said that when he ran, he felt the pleasure of God. We too, can feel the pleasure and presence of God in our daily activities.

Obviously our activities that are sin will not be worship of God, but worship of ourselves and our pleasures.

This morning in the brisk fifty degree air, I snapped multiple pictures and smiled at God’s glory in the sky. These photographs represent worship of God as Creative Artist.

Talking to God can be fun!


How do you define prayer?

Mystical, mysterious, vague. People mention prayer often, but you’ll rarely hear it defined in a tangible way. Well, here’s my definition:  Communication with God, talking to Him about anything and everything, and the often neglected listening.

I hope you don’t think I’m approaching God in a disrespectful manner, but often I’ll ask Him for very specific things.  Not that He’s a cosmic vending machine, but you’ll see what I mean if you keep reading.

Sometimes I ask God to show Himself to me when I don’t sense His presence, even though I know He’s always with me.  Not long ago I was getting down on myself about something, and I decided to ask God to show me what He thinks about the situation.  It was amazing!  The next day and a half, three people mentioned the situation to me and encouraged me about it,  even though I hadn’t said anything to them.  It seems that somehow God prompted each of them to say something I needed to hear concerning my discouragement about it.  How could they have known that I had been obsessing and getting down on myself about that very thing, and three people brought it up to me with encouraging words?  Wow!  Now that’s what I call a hug from God!

This weekend one of our friends, a teenage girl, called me upset about her school schedule.  She felt like her social life had almost no chance because her lunch didn’t coincide with anyone in her grade and their assigned lockers aren’t close.  She was very upset, and felt like she was going to be the only 8th grader in her lunch period. She doesn’t have any friends in her classes because she’s taking higher level courses. I’m not kidding when I say that this felt tragic to her…Remember back to junior high? We talked it through on the phone, then we prayed very specifically.  We asked God to work it out for what He knows is best, but would He let her see His perspective so that she could have joy about it in the process?  About one minute after we hung up the phone, she called me back, super excited and short of breath, “Ms. Christine, you’re going to love this!  Right when we hung up the phone I got a text from one of my good friends telling me that we have the same lunch schedule, so I won’t be alone!”  God doesn’t have to say “yes” to our every request, but it is so fun when we ask Him to give us a heart like His and then He delights us with little and big things.

Sometimes we think inside the box when it comes to prayer

There are other aspects of prayer that I really love:  When I am desperately seeking answers and He gives me crystal clear insight or wisdom to parent or in my other relationships.  Of course, an important aspect of prayer is also confessing sin.  Many people would say that they neglect this part.  But whenever I think to ask God, and many times when I don’t ask Him, He is dependable to lovingly show me where I have a sinful attitude or behavior.

One of my other favorite things about prayer is worship.  Something I love about God is that He is so Holy and unlike us, yet He’s also completely approachable. Hebrews says that we can “boldly approach the throne of grace”. So worship tends to be really spontaneous for me.   Maybe because the sunrise is stunning, and I worship Him for creation.  Or He’s changed my attitude (which I tried and couldn’t) so I”ll thank Him and praise Him for His power.

Prayer can be spontaneous, ongoing, and something to enjoy

I haven’t “arrived” in the realm of prayer, but I think it’s pretty cool that the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, a Holy God,  listens to me and speaks to me.  Talking to God can be fun!