Morning beauty


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This is the morning view from a walk earlier this week.

The way the colors changed so drastically within minutes was mesmerizing! This sequence of photos was taken in a three minute span.

I’m really surprised I didn’t fall while I was trying to pump those arms and turn around my body for another great view.

Aren’t sunrises just the best?

God’s glory in my backyard

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This morning I had a worship service in my car, which moved to my backyard. I was suppressing a huge grin as I drove home from early morning school carpool. I couldn’t wait to get home and photograph the beautiful sunrise! I decided to take the long way home where most of the drive was in a school zone so that I was forced to drive really slow and would have the best view of the sunrise.

I don’t know if you believe this or not, but I think everything we do can be worship if our heart is pointing to God. Think about it for a second.

Olympian Eric Liddell said that when he ran, he felt the pleasure of God. We too, can feel the pleasure and presence of God in our daily activities.

Obviously our activities that are sin will not be worship of God, but worship of ourselves and our pleasures.

This morning in the brisk fifty degree air, I snapped multiple pictures and smiled at God’s glory in the sky. These photographs represent worship of God as Creative Artist.

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These are some of the breathtaking horizons from our sandy Christmas in Florida. I can’t help it…I get totally giddy and delighted when I see beautiful colors in the sky!

Who else?

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Who else but God could show up at the dawn in my suburban neighborhood like this:

This was the view from my back door as I entered my garage a couple of mornings ago. I was darting into my car to grab something and I gasped at this kind of beauty that declares the glory of God!

A minute later the colors had morphed a little- what a great Artist God is!