When a tiny green light is a teacher


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The darkness was pierced by the tiny green light.

Why did it feel that every time she closed her eyes, she could almost feel the warmth of the green light searing into her eyeballs, penetrating through the shield of her closed eyelids?

There were nights that she would toss and turn, ranting in her mind about the power of the half-centimeter circular light coming from her bedroom electronics.

If it weren’t for that stupid evil green light, she’d probably be asleep by now.

Yet it persisted, glowing and growing in her consciousness until she’d had enough.

She pounced out of bed, exasperated, and grabbed her black sleep mask from her drawer. If only she’d gotten frustrated enough to use it an hour ago. The cool darkness now eased her eyelids.


Ahhhh, now that’s better, she thought.

She laid in peaceful darkness, and her rhythmic breathing soon lulled her to sleep.



How many times I’ve thought about the evil green electronic light in my room! Duct tape would surely cure this problem, covering the teeny green glow so that it would be silent and not interrupt my peace at night.

The thing is, the horrible little light has been my tutor many nights, teaching me about the power of my influence and your influence in dark places.

Surely there are people who detest the small persistent light that you and I carry when we have the light of Christ in us.

Perhaps our light dims or brightens at times.

Yet it still pierces the darkness, illuminating the cool and comforting black room that we all prefer at times.


Shine on, friends.