Are you tired?


My schedule is better when I realize I can't be Supergirl

Today I am thinking about excellence. I am often doing many things, but not so well. Few things are done with excellence. In fact, I am usually SUPER busy with very little margin built into my schedule.  The things that fill our days are almost always good things, or at least necessary.  I can’t skip ortho appointments, can I?

Bondage of business and captivity of activity. These are phrases that I’ve heard churchy people say a few times throughout the years. But yesterday I really saw that I frequently exhaust myself with MANY activities. Few of them are excellent. Few of them are done to fullest potential.  If you ask me, that’s really lame, because here’s how it plays out:  Always busy running doing stuff, then things get put off till later or not done, other things are done poorly, and then comes guilt.  Ah, guilt.  The great UN-motivator.  It weighs me down until I feel utterly useless and unmotivated.  Then lack of activity spirals downward to more guilt, and it goes on.

It's time to reevaluate when my to do list looks like this!

Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the calendar year.  Homeschool moms tend to make beginning of school year resolutions.  So here’s mine:  Instead of committing to 5 or 10 good activities this year, and feeling bad about doing them all poorly, I’d like to keep first things first.  That might mean only doing 2 outside things this school year.  And that’s a good thing.