Change-Not so much


If you have known me for a year or more, you know that I love to change my hairstyle.  I get bored with it pretty quick and want something new.  I like change when it comes to my hair.  It’s been almost every color that occurs naturally.  (or not so naturally!) Currently I love L’Oreal 5 1/2 RB with highlights.  I’ve been hooked on it since last fall.  I love to change outfits.  I love fashion and mixing up clothes and accessories.  But when it comes to the big things in life, I hate change.  Maybe it’s because I like to be control of the change in my life.

If I had to characterize the last few years of my life, one of the big titles would be Change or Transition or Contentment in the Midst of Change.  Ouch.  So now it seems that we could be near the end of a season of change in our lives, at least geographically.  Moving back into the original house that Herschel and I lived in 14 years ago seems to bring us full circle.  Part of me is giddy with excitement about the fun stuff with remodeling, new paint & flooring, decorating and organizing, and part of me realizes that I will not be any more content in the “new” house that I have been ever before, unless I choose to be.  I think one of the things I’m learning is that contentment might just be a choice that I make.  I don’t have to like the season of change I’m in.  Sometimes I kick and scream or pout about it, to be truthful.  Or complain. But there are times when I look around and think:  Life is good.  I am loved deeply, I love others deeply.