Hobbies and Health?


Opposites. My little sister and me. I’m three years older and yet I’m much¬†shorter. She’s dark haired and olive complected, I’m fair and freckled.

I adore Tex-Mex food, she hates it. (What?! Are we really related?)

Our hobbies unite us. Okay, we’re sisters and we love each other to death. But we have a blast with our common interests and sometimes learn from each other’s hobbies.



For example, she is an avid coin collector. She has an insane knowledge of coins and history of coins.

At first I thought: Snoozeville… But I enjoy history and she’s teaching me a thing or two. Plus I like her passion.

What relaxes or energizes you? Designing, watersports, reading, playing, cooking, organizing, skating, or knitting, perhaps?


Hobbies are crucial to our health, wellness, and overall well-being. If you think you don’t have time for a hobby, then you probably REALLY need to get some. Just sayin.

Here’s an article from our Facebook page with more on hobbies from stress.about.com:¬†Importance of Hobbies for Stress Relief.

Hobbies are FUN! We spent a relaxing Friday night coloring while watching the recorded GOP debate. Partaay. Now that is how an introvert likes to spend her Friday night!

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