What does fashion have to do with Jesus?


Well, I’ll tell you.  Jesus doesn’t need fashion to proclaim His great story to the world. But why not use it?

Early Tuesday morning, my friend Lynette and I packed our bags for a day trip, and hit the road for a two-hour journey to talk about Jesus and how to “dress like a million bucks without spending it”.  I’m one of the rare people who actually enjoys public speaking. I don’t just enjoy it, I LOVE it.

However, I wasn’t real sure how I could pull off a feat like this day trip. Especially considering that I’m not physically able to drive myself most places lately and I have serious short-term memory loss along with word retrieval difficulty. Good thing nothing’s too difficult for God.


These Austin, Texas ladies were delightful. Best of all, I got to see God work one of the greatest miracles of all….a changed life.


We discussed the fun stuff of fashion: accessories, self-confidence, and the basics that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

1. A great fitting pair of jeans. In your current size, not the size you wish you were.

2. A classic white shirt

3. Trousers

4. Jacket that coordinates with trousers (aka a pant suit)

5. Little black dress

6. Cardigan

7. Blouse

I transitioned into the story of my life. Pain, self-destructive choices, and then crisis that led to the best thing ever: Realizing I’m a messed up woman who needs a Savior, Jesus. I think it’s really cool that with a captive audience of women who are having fun thinking about wardrobe and fashion, we can look at the reality that we are people who don’t just need a makeover, we need a Savior that can give us a new life and new mind.

That’s what fashion has to do with Jesus.

And I’m glad.

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God is constantly at work in us

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Today’s text from our friend Brian Haynes will speak for itself:

God moments happen all around us all of the time. I love that God is constantly at work in people, in marriages, and in churches. If you need hope for your life, your family, your marriage or your church, take 6 minutes to watch this short documentary. It is a God story.

Fashion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ


It’s paradoxical to say that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be proclaimed through a superficial means like fashion.

A couple of days ago we received news that it is too risky for our planned mission to West Africa to happen this spring. The tension, unrest, and terrorism that’s going on is too intense to allow visitors until things settle down. My daughter, Danielle, and I were extremely disappointed and frustrated that we cannot go right now. A string of events and conversations, along with Scripture, convinced us that we must plan this trip to work with young widows and their children, orphans, and a missionary women’s retreat.

On the heels of this huge let-down, I have received several interesting phone calls this week. Three different ladies have called about giving fashion talks. I know what you’re thinking: Come on, Christine. How can you possibly connect the Gospel and fashion? It’s been a joy for me to discover that since women love to feel pretty, we are interested in fashion; ergo, we will go to events that give us fashion tips and ideas. This sets the stage for fashion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, two completely different things that I love talking about.

Even though we aren’t going to Africa as planned, in the next few months, I will get to bring a topic of interest to women, have fun laughing with them, and tell them the truth that we are all sinners in need of a Savior, and Jesus is that Savior who conquered death and sin for us. He wants us to lay down our lives and agendas to follow Him. We’ll get to invite these women to repent of their sin and enter into a saving relationship with an amazing and holy God. I know that sin and repentance aren’t fun subjects, but I love that God allows such a shallow vehicle as fashion to be used to proclaim His great name.

Here’s the fluffy part of this talk that women may want to check out!

10 items every woman should have in her closet:

1. White button-down shirt

Goes with jeans for everyday classic, trousers for professional look

2. Great fitting pair of jeans.

Emphasis on great-fitting. If you must cut out the size tag, then do it. Just make sure you can grab these as a foundation for an outfit.

3. Suit jacket

Does double-duty, classic worn as a suit, or as a layering piece over t-shirt and jeans

4. Suit pants/trousers

You can hang these separately in your closet, to wear trousers alone with a cardigan & blouse with flats

5. Cardigan

Layering for cuteness and practicality. Who hasn’t sweat to death outside in summer, only to come inside and feel like you’re in a meat locker?

6. Little black dress

Takes you to a ladies’ tea with your cardigan, pearls and heels goes to a wedding, funeral, or church. Wear with some snappy colored heels and a fun necklace and go out for the evening

7. Good fitting cami

I can’t say enough about this one. It hides the one accessory we don’t want showing-cleavage, and smooths out trouble areas, if you know what I mean!

8. A black t-shirt, and a white one

So versatile, change up your look with pops of color using accessories

9. Classic black skirt

Target has great ones this spring. Super easy to change up your look; wear with ballet flats and t-shirt running errands, or with heels and blouse for dressy look

10. A pretty blouse

This works with jeans, skirt, or trousers. Wear with your suit, too.


Here’s a fun fashion blog that gives you 30 days of outfits using 15 pieces of clothing.