What you do matters


Do you believe that the little things that you say and do really matter? Well, they do. After a couple of discouraging days, I have been surprised and thrilled by a few of my friends.

Yesterday morning started off with a voicemail from a friend that may be a little “out there” for some of you….but I loved it! She prayed out loud for me on voicemail. Even though she didn’t know the exact circumstances, her prayer was beautifully simple and hit the nail on the head with what I was going through.

A little later I received this sweet text from another friend:

text prayer

She included a Scripture. (which I couldn’t wait to look up, it was Ephesians 1:17 ) The greatest part was that I didn’t know who the text was from until much later in the day, because I didn’t have her name in my contacts. So for most of the day, I felt better just because a couple of people let me know that they cared about me.

This morning was the icing on the cake! I was stuck at home for a few hours because we had electricians at the house doing work. There was a knock on the door, and it was a friend that I haven’t seen or talked to for a few weeks. She popped by and said, “I have been thinking about you so much the past few days, and praying for you, and I just thought I’d stop by to see how you’re doing.” What?!?!?! Incredible…..

I will close with this thought: What you do and say can really matter to someone. It only takes a moment to pray for someone. You can pray while driving, cleaning, working, or showering. While texting someone a quick message only takes a minute, it could be a turning point in their day. Leaving a message that you care or praying on voicemail actually matters.¬†These three friends demonstrated God’s love to me in their simple acts. I know that others care and are praying, too, but these are tangible markers in my day that point me to the reality that I’m not forsaken or forgotten.

Now pick up your phone and tell somebody you care about them!

A day on the farm pictures

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This weekend we got to experience a unique and fun birthday party….on the farm. I guess you could call it a funny farm, especially considering the group of us there. It was a group of our daughter’s friends and a few of us chaperoning adults. (We adults are the funny farm part!) My friend Lynette and I jumped on the mule (kind of like a go-cart for the farm grounds) and snapped pictures like crazy.

Evening light

Everyone should have at least one friend that makes you laugh till you cry….even more than one would be better! Someone that you can cry with and pray with, tell your insecurities and know that she won’t tell.

Like my mom always said: If you want that kind of friend, you need to be that kind of friend.

A horrible picture of me, but you get the idea….we were acting like silly teenagers. My daughter has told me that sometimes we act as immature as her and her fourteen year old friends. It’s true.

Barbed wire in the foreground. This is my favorite kind of picture.

Photo by Lynette….beautiful

We were hilarious wanna-be photographers while we rode around on the mule. Every 20 seconds or so, one of us would see something beautiful, we’d have to stop, take 10 or more pictures, then we’d go again.


Perimeter fence, with and without teenagers!

Birthday party girls! Photo by Lynette

Little sisters can be a joy. Photo by Raven

Lovely birthday girl glows!

The scenery at this farm is as beautiful and picturesque as it looks.


She may be mad at me for posting this, but I’m hoping the world’s most unflattering picture of me earlier in this post will redeem me. This picture is so great because you can see the happiness on her face. Swinging just makes you feel happy, doesn’t it?