Then I saw the clouds


If you read the last post, you know that I was struck by the gravity of eternity recently as my dad and I walked through the cemetery visiting my grandparent’s plots. Each headstone that I saw touched me deeply, reminding me of how short our fleeting lives on earth really are. How inconsequential material things are. The little annoyances and things that felt important earlier that morning suddenly faded into insignificance as I weighed them against the backdrop of time and eternity.

Yeah, I think like that a lot. We got into the car, and I leaned back and exhaled deeply, relaxing. I looked up and saw a perfect blue sky, with just the right amount of white, puffy clouds.

Then I thought: Eternity isn’t the only thing that matters. Knowing God and enjoying Him right now matters, too.

Thank you, God, for this moment. It is so beautiful. I love you and I love this moment. 


I breathed in again, enjoying the perfect temperature and sunny, blue sky.

My dad and I drove away, content with the ebb and flow of our conversation. It was a very good day.

What really matters


My dad and I did a little excursion this week to visit graves of his parents. As we walked through the cemetery, I was captured by the oldest headstones.

One day, inevitably, 60 or 70 years from now, my name will be on a headstone. It may say something nice, like “Loving Wife, Mother and Sister” (only because they don’t put stuff like “This Mama was cranky before coffee or time with Jesus” on headstones). It may be next to Herschel or in a family plot. But one day, after I die, what really matters and the only thing that matters is what I have done that is of eternal value.


Sixty-five years from now, when someone walks by and looks at my headstone and sees “Christine Rothchild, Loving Wife and Mother”, they’ll never know that I was creative, and disorganized, and that I love coffee. They won’t care. All that will matter are the generations below me that have been affected by my life and what I have done to pour into them that lasts. That thing that lasts is a relationship with Jesus Christ through salvation and giving your life to Him. There is no other thing that matters.