It is well.



Funny how not seeing well is helping me to see some things better. My friend asked how I was seeing today, the kind of “How are you?” where she really wanted to know, and I told her that my vision isn’t good today. But I feel good and my outlook on life is good. It is well with my soul. I didn’t say that last part, but sometimes I say it out loud when asked how I’m doing.

Not because I want to be churchy or a throwback to an 1873 hymn (yes, I looked it up) but because it IS well with my soul. I get what Mr. Spafford meant as he penned these words. My circumstances are lame at times, as far as my eyeballs are concerned. I’ll have a couple of good days in a row when I can drive myself around in freedom, then a few bad days when I have migraines and have to call on friends to take me to work or errands. My short-term memory is almost always on the fritz. It annoys my family and it’s often embarrassing when people who don’t know the situation are repeating a conversation because I ask what looks like a stupid question. Again. Even so, it is well with my soul.

How can that be? I hate weakness. I am learning not to abhor it. I am uncomfortable being weak and helpless. But God is allowing me to be weak right now in this season of life. I choose to depend on Him in my weakness and allow Him to be my strength and my peace. If I didn’t do that, I would only be a very angry, bitter and sad, weak person. Instead, I am a weak and joyful person, being strengthened, day by day, and growing in perseverance.

Do you see the beautiful paradox? I am still weak. I am still sad. I grieve that I don’t have the “normal” carefree experience that I “deserve”. But because I choose to lean into Jesus daily, I am stronger than EVER because of him. He is my strength when I cannot do anything but cry and feel sorry for myself. He is my hope when I can’t imagine a future and don’t know what’s going to happen the next day with my plans. He is the one thing that I know of for certain in my life. That is why I can say, it is well with my soul.


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Bluebonnets are here!

Bluebonnets are here!

Spring is a great time of year. Renewal and new growth in nature reminds me that we are all capable of coming from a dreary season of life to a time of blooming and beauty.

Our neighborhood walking path was dotted with beautiful bluebonnets and I drank in the loveliness of these flowers as I exercised outside this morning.


I’m grateful to be able to walk around the neighborhood. Thankful for a body that’s in motion today!


Depending on your viewpoint, it can look as if the bluebonnets go on endlessly.

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Blue Skies

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When you look at this picture, what do you see? A stunning morning sky, or power lines; an eye sore? I can’t help but see beautiful vivid blue as a background with silvery white clouds. I am convinced that if we are looking for beauty, we will see it. We can focus on the positive in other people, our situations and hardships, and in nature, or we can hone in on the negative.


Sometimes a perspective shift is all it takes to see things differently. This view is still from my backyard, but you’re seeing more of the beautiful sky. I live in a suburban area that is mostly a developed concrete jungle. You really have to look for beauty in nature and you must be intentional. Otherwise you’ll mostly notice stores and shopping centers. What do you want to see today? Focus on beauty in people and nature, and you will see more of it.

A friend was telling me about one of her neighbors visiting with her in the front yard. Her young daughter gasped with delight as she pointed out a beautiful rainbow in the distant sky. The pessimistic neighbor scoffed and said, “Heck, I can see a rainbow anytime I want with a water hose.” This perfectly illustrates how much our perspective matters. We can appreciate simple beauty in life, and intentionally look for it. Or we can be pessimistic and ridicule those who see the brighter side of things. Which one will you be today?