Embrace Weakness


Y’all may think I’ve gone a little crazy, but this is what I’m doing and it’s setting me free like never before. Embrace Weakness. This is upside down from the “pull up your bootstraps” mentality that is so prevalent in this culture. I tend to shun weakness and pretend that I don’t have any inadequacies. (chuckle) That is worth a loud snort because we all have frailties in our life.

My eyes aren’t working the way I want them to. As a result, I’ve had severe double vision for the past two and a half years. There are periods of time that I just can’t drive myself around to and fro the way that I’m used to. I have to call or text friends or ask my kids to take me to the grocery store, or to run errands, or to go to work. For a time, I was so fed up with asking people for help that I hired a college student as a driver for a couple of months. She is very sweet and was a blessing to us during that time. I wasn’t embracing my weakness. I was kicking and screaming and throwing a fit about it.

I kicked and screamed for about two years. I researched on the internet. I had several MRI’s, countless blood tests, doctor visits and went to the incredible Mayo Clinic. Suddenly, over the past few weeks, my vision is getting worse. My heart, however, is becoming more and more free. How? By embracing my weakness. I am weak. I can’t fight it. Well, I guess I can, but it’s just plain exhausting and fruitless. I have been angry at God, mad at my own body for betraying me and not behaving the way I want it to, and finally, I am done fighting.

I accept that I am weak. But Jesus is strong. He is my strength. I have tried to be strong my entire life and put up a persona of a strong woman, and I don’t have to do it anymore. It’s so relaxing and peaceful. Embrace weakness.

When I was a single mom of a little baby boy and had to prove to the world that I could do this, I was strong. When I was a young girl who was sexually abused and I promised myself I would never be a victim again, I was strong. I don’t have anything to prove now. I’m embracing my weakness, embracing Jesus and His peace. And it feels good.


9 thoughts on “Embrace Weakness

  1. Amen amen amen thank you Holy Spirit and thank you for putting your thoughts to share.i/we need more young women to stand up and say it’s ok… For me to admit my weakness is to acknowledge I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus… For if anything gets accomplished I know it is from Him

  2. So much truth here… we are taught to be strong and the take care of ourselves but admitting we are weak and unable to do most things on our own allows us to turn to God, to rely on him and to wait for him to move in our lives. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing this…it is such truth! We are taught that taking care of ourselves is the strong thing to do…but it is much harder to recognize our areas of weakness and to depend on others – and especially on God. Praying for you in this struggle.

  4. Christy,
    I know the place you are living in right now. I was there before liver transplant – not only was my body failing me, but also my mind was failing. I could not remember names or learn how to do new things. Praise be to God, He has restored many of the things that I had lost. However, the lesson learned was that everything I am, all my abilities, my each and every breath belongs to God. Everything we are and have is His. He uses our weaknesses to help us learn how to depend completely on Him. You are His and are a blessing to those of us who are fortunate enough to know you.
    Love in Him who loved us first, Sandy Kay

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