Worship, running, and sweaty selfies


After a run and power-walk this week, my friend Lori and I took this sweaty selfie.

photo 1

You may be thinking what I’m thinking. Which is, “Wow.” If you’re a runner in the summer in Texas, after half an hour, you’ll have gnats sticking to the sweat on your face. It’s REALLY gross. But it does make you feel kind of hard-core. If you live around here and you’re a runner, can I get an “Amen”? Y’all know what I mean!

We are all happy because we had the best time out there on Tuesday morning! We kept a steady rhythm of exchanging stories of the different things going on in our lives and in our families’ lives. There are some difficult things and some miraculous things happening in our families. We just couldn’t stop talking and we were giddy with excitement with how we see God at work in our circumstances. By the end of it all, we realized that we probably didn’t run as much as we had wanted to, but that was ok.

We’d had one of our best mobile outdoor praise and worship services, gnats and all!



P.S. I am RUNNING AGAIN!!!!! I’m so excited and grateful to be feeling well enough! I’m adding in a little at a time, and right now I’m at 1.25 miles as my max at one time. Besides that, I’m adding in shorter run intervals and plan to string them together. Wooooohooooooooo!

2 thoughts on “Worship, running, and sweaty selfies

  1. congratulations! that’s something to be really proud of and no small feat in our fun texas weather. you are an amazing example!

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