What does fashion have to do with Jesus?


Well, I’ll tell you.  Jesus doesn’t need fashion to proclaim His great story to the world. But why not use it?

Early Tuesday morning, my friend Lynette and I packed our bags for a day trip, and hit the road for a two-hour journey to talk about Jesus and how to “dress like a million bucks without spending it”.  I’m one of the rare people who actually enjoys public speaking. I don’t just enjoy it, I LOVE it.

However, I wasn’t real sure how I could pull off a feat like this day trip. Especially considering that I’m not physically able to drive myself most places lately and I have serious short-term memory loss along with word retrieval difficulty. Good thing nothing’s too difficult for God.


These Austin, Texas ladies were delightful. Best of all, I got to see God work one of the greatest miracles of all….a changed life.


We discussed the fun stuff of fashion: accessories, self-confidence, and the basics that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

1. A great fitting pair of jeans. In your current size, not the size you wish you were.

2. A classic white shirt

3. Trousers

4. Jacket that coordinates with trousers (aka a pant suit)

5. Little black dress

6. Cardigan

7. Blouse

I transitioned into the story of my life. Pain, self-destructive choices, and then crisis that led to the best thing ever: Realizing I’m a messed up woman who needs a Savior, Jesus. I think it’s really cool that with a captive audience of women who are having fun thinking about wardrobe and fashion, we can look at the reality that we are people who don’t just need a makeover, we need a Savior that can give us a new life and new mind.

That’s what fashion has to do with Jesus.

And I’m glad.

DSC04814 DSC04803 DSC04797 DSC04796 DSC04794 DSC04783

One thought on “What does fashion have to do with Jesus?

  1. So much fun! Thinking of you today, wish all your blog followers could see you in action. Such a great talk! Thanks for letting me tag along.

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