Good books



They are relaxing. Stimulating. Thought provoking. Life changing. Entertaining. Practical. Educational. Inspiring. Convicting.

I love books.

Yep, that's quite a stack!

Yep, that’s quite a stack! These are the good books I’m currently reading.

Now, before you start thinking I’m a librarian, I must explain that I read in bits and pieces. Sadly, my schedule doesn’t allow me to read all day long. I read as I’m waiting in carpool and steal a few minutes here and there throughout the day. It’s also a great way to wind down at night, when I can keep my eyes open!

The book that I treasure above all is God’s word. The Bible. Yet I know I don’t treasure it as I could. I was recently listening to a woman tell a story about her childhood. She was raised in a Communist country by parents who loved Jesus. In fact, both her parents died as martyrs because they refused to renounce their faith in God. She admonished us living in free countries to read our Bibles.

When she was a child, she remembers the times that her father was home. (His times at home were intermittent because many times he was imprisoned as a result of his faith.) He had a practice of reciting three Scriptures to his children in the morning, and they were instructed to write them out and memorize them. They did this on a regular basis. She said that Christians in Communist countries can live their entire lifespan without owning a copy of the Bible. Therefore, she encouraged, “Don’t let it sit on a shelf. Read it.” She said although they did not own a copy, she and her siblings knew the Word of God because of their father.

I want to be that faithful and consistent. Almost every morning for me begins with a steaming hot cup of coffee and the Bible. Mine’s dark pink, as you see above. Sometimes, I feel a little aimless when I open the Bible. If I don’t have a reading plan, then I’ll usually start with the Scriptures in my daily devotional book, Jesus Calling. I like this devotional so much that I’ll usually read it at some point in the day, or I’ll catch up the next day. Some days I even read ahead! God has spoken truth to my heart countless times through this little book.

Boundaries has a workbook with it, too. I’m doing a weekly book study on this with some ladies at a brown bag lunch.

Clutter Busters is AWESOME!! If you are a pack rat or just have trouble, like me, getting motivated or don’t know how to start decluttering, then this book is for you! I just rechecked it from the library. It discusses our emotional attachment to our clutter stuff, and why it’s so hard to minimize clutter.

China Study…compelling. That’s all I can say.

A Woman’s Heart is a Bible study workbook that I’ve recently started that goes into the Tabernacle of the ancient Israelites.

His Princess A little book written as love letters to women from their Father, God. Very short, sweet, and poetic.

My other bedside reads are The Explicit Gospel and Voice in the Wind. (not pictured) I’m switching between the two, depending on if I feel like having deep thoughts or if I just want to read for entertainment.

Books. I love ’em!

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