Somewhere over the rainbow


Do you feel as if you are constantly juggling too many things? Constantly striving for balance in life, do you feel like you are chasing an elusive rainbow?

It’s difficult to strike a good balance in life between work, family, and leisure time.

A good starting point to check yourself is this: Make a list of your professed values. What do you say is important to you? Write them down, in order of importance. You may list God, family, work, friends, hobbies, etc. Then, make a list of your practiced values. Write down what someone else would say is important to you, based on how you spend your time. Be ready for the ouch.

It may be that some changes are in order if your lists don’t look pretty similar. Maybe it means designated time off from computer or phone. Or losing cable TV.

A few years ago I wrote these lists, and I vividly remember it, because it was jarring. I realized that my intentions did not match my practices. Because of that, some big lifestyle changes were in order. What about you? Do your lists look different?

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