Any weeds in your garden?


Small tree in our backyard

About ten years ago, I was given a potted plant by an unsuspecting friend that may have thought that I have a green thumb. I am pretty creative and have a talent or two, but when it comes to plants, not so much. The pot for the plant cracked in half when I was trying to move it, so as any non-green thumb would do, I threw the plant, broken pot and all, behind a shrub in the back yard where I didn’t think I’d have to look at it again, and promptly forgot about it.

Several years later, we are having our overgrown landscape gutted in the backyard, and look what I found! The small plant that was in a broken pot continued to be watered by our sprinklers for years after I threw it out. It sprouted roots through the broken pot, and now has an impressive diameter of trunk and branches as a small tree.

You may be able to see that this now reaches well over the height of our fence. It started off as a 12 inch potted plant.

The thing that got me about this is that I felt like this plant was garbage. However, I was too lazy to take it out to the trash. So ten years later, there’s a monstrous plant/tree that we have to pay professionals to uproot. How often do we allow this to happen in our thoughts or spiritual life? A behavior, or sin, or thought pattern may need to be completely uprooted and reprogrammed. If we aren’t intentional about getting rid of the junk, it may grow into something we never expected.

Without proper maintenance, weeds and even healthy plants can get out of control and take over. Here are the pros gutting the place so we can start over.

When the pros are finished completely uprooting this mess, we’ll spray and kill everything unwanted at the root so that it won’t grow again. Then we can plant new growth!

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