Internet junkie


Are you an internet junkie? How many hours a day are spent surfing the internet?


Whew!! I’m glad that’s over…Four days of a fast from email & computer surfing. I found that I was compulsively checking and writing correspondence and decided it was time for drastic measures. Here’s what I learned about myself:

I am an information junkie. If there’s a random fact in question, google it!

The amount of time wasted on the computer on the average day is ridiculous.

It felt great to know that the computer was completely unavailable to me. (except I had to, by necessity, look up just one phone number, one picture, and one address. Do I sound like an addict justifying my behavior?)

Unfettered, loose, free, and unburdened. May every area of my life be free from bondage. The End.

One thought on “Internet junkie

  1. I do an entertainment media fast sometimes when I’ve just had enough. When too many of those up till 1:30 in the morning nights happen because I’m just gonna look at/read ONE MORE THING. Silly.

    It’s very freeing. I hope it takes a while before you need to do it again lol

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