God is still on His throne


I think my brain may explode.  We are almost unpacked, but this week it seems that when we take a couple of steps forward, there’s one backwards.  We started home school yesterday, and Herschel’s mom had a bad fall this week, breaking her hip. Life feels a little chaotic, so to feel better, I went to the car wash, and now have one small space in order. Sometimes the little things really help!

I love how happy Bernice, Herschel's mom, is in this picture taken in June

I am really thankful for friends who pray.  Our friends who are going through caring for their aging parents are able to pray with a unique perspective.  Of course we pray for healing. But there is much more at stake: God’s glory and name being made known.

It’s been a rough week, but God is still King and still seated on His throne. I’ve been asking Him today to help me look up and see His hand at work. That’s also my prayer for Herschel and the rest of our family. This makes me think of the Psalms…I can cry out to God as the psalmists do many times, being honest about how I feel. I can ask God to rescue us from our trials, to help and heal. Then I will end with praise, remembering who He is, and putting all of these circumstances in perspective. Psalm 145:21 says this: My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord.  Let every creature praise his holy name forever and ever.

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