A real woman is ____________.


Have you ever wondered how to define womanhood?  Probably not.  Or what defines a man?  I confess that this is a really deep question that I’ve never really pondered until recently.  Researching the topic of “Roles of Women” for a writing assignment has made me look into this topic for the first time.  It’s a little hard to put into words and give a definition to.

Does it matter if her hair is long or short?  What if she’s sporty or elegant?  Whether she’s a mom or not?  Working woman or homemaker? I think it goes far beyond exterior qualities.

Here are my fill in the blanks:

Beautiful.  What woman or girl doesn’t want to be beautiful?  We don’t teach little girls in preschool to twirl around in their new dress and ask, “Do I look pretty?”  Or maybe we do; I know that my daughter has seen me scrutinize my outfit in the full length mirror too many times.  That being said, it seems like there is an innate part of being female that appreciates beauty.  I’m not talking about front cover of a magazine type of beauty, but something beyond that.  It doesn’t matter if we are young or old, size 2 or 16:  We desire beauty, we admire it, and we are drawn to it.

Nurturer.  My second fill in the blank is that even in my most selfish moments, as I woman, I love to nurture.

Loving. This goes hand in hand with nurturing, because what is love if it’s not nurturing?

Dependent and Independent.  We need others, we are relational and love deeply connecting with people.  Without relationships we cannot thrive.  Yet we are also strong and capable.  We walk through fears and accomplish things.  We make lists, we check things off, we create ideas, and we have vision.

Vulnerable.  In a good way.  Even the most strong woman has a certain vulnerability about her.  I think that’s a good thing, because it means that we are tender-hearted.  We are vulnerable when we open up our hearts to love others.

So what does the Bible have to say about all of this?   That’s my assignment.  To see what God says and how He defines what a real woman is.

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