He knows my name



Sometimes when tragic or painful things happen, I have felt forgotten.  I’ve wondered if God is listening, or where He is in the midst of my pain.  Today we heard the true story of a young girl in Nicaragua rescued from human slavery.  Her story was touching and also extremely sad, because after her rescue several weeks ago, she was taken back by her family again as a source of income. Our entire church prayed together for her, and the tears kept coming as I thought: That could be anyone’s daughter.  Mine or one of my friends.  Why?  We prayed that she would know of God’s great love for her, that she would know that He knows her name and He sees her.  And that He would send someone to rescue her. (go to link to hear podcast with her story and others) http://kingsland.org/dlgMediaPlayer.aspx?id=1295


This reminds me of something that happened not long ago with my grandma:


Two and a half years ago my grandma had a terrible stroke and wasn’t expected to live through the weekend.  The family surrounded her in ICU and we sang over her and prayed.  At one point she became able to speak and kept darting her eyes backward, trying to motion behind her.  She asked us if we could see the warring angels that were behind her as we prayed!  A couple of days later she was moved from ICU to a regular room.  She told my mom that she saw her husband (who passed away 12 years ago) in the elevator.  She said Jesus was with my grandpa, and at first she didn’t recognize Him.  She didn’t know it was Jesus and was a little confused because He didn’t look like all the pictures she had seen of Him growing up.  She said, “I didn’t recognize Him until He said my name.  And then I could hear it right here.  (she motioned to her heart)  He told me that my time here isn’t finished, and I needed to stay here longer.”  That BLEW me away.  She is still here over two years later; I guess God has more work for her to do.


It also makes me think of Mary Magdelene.  She didn’t recognize Jesus when He first appeared to her after being resurrected.  Until He said her name.  


Then there’s Zacchaeus.  He climbed up in the sycamore tree because he wanted to see who Jesus was.  That makes me think that they hadn’t been introduced before, yet Jesus called him by name.


God knows your name.  He loves you and sees you.  He hasn’t forgotten about you, my grandma, the family member you love, the situation hurting you, or the girl in Nicaragua.



2 thoughts on “He knows my name

  1. I had chills reading this. I have no doubts in mind that she did see them. You’re right, He hasn’t forgotten her, He has a purpose for her, He doesn’t waste a hurt. Everything is for His great purpose even though sometimes we don’t understand. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering that because its hard to watch her suffer and I get angry about it.

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