19 Years Ago Today


Nineteen years ago today, I became a mom.  I will never forget the mixed feelings of utter joy, astonishment, and a healthy amount of fear as this little bundle’s life was in my hands.

Christian was born with this much hair!

Today he’s a man.  I am very proud of him and I love him so much that I could burst.  He’s wicked smart, super loud like the rest of our little family, and really creative.  He’s gifted with music, teaching, and loves to laugh.  He’s been gone 7 weeks this summer as a Pine Cove counselor, and gone back to Crier Creek to work this week.  So this is my ode to my son, Christian, on his 19th birthday.  Being your mom is one of my greatest joys in life! I love you and think you are a great godly young man.

Christian this July

No matter what their ages, I still think my kids are cute when they sleep. This was only 15 minutes after getting in the car as we left Pine Cove family camp to drive home this summer.

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