Kamp Kingsland


I think I’m finally rested and recuperated from camp. It was a sleep deprived, amazing 5 days that I got to be the bunk leader/responsible adult for 11 junior high girls.


First of all, I learned that I totally ROCK at dodgeball. Seriously, I’m not bad. Which is pretty exciting because I normally shy away from people throwing balls at my face.

How did I see God at work this Kamp Kingsland?

1. In my own heart. For someone who is not athletic, doesn’t like to get dirty or sweaty, hates bugs, and needs 8 hours of sleep a night, going to camp to be a counselor is kind of like going to Africa as far as getting out of my comfort zone. And having been to Africa, I can say that! It was exciting to be part of God moving in students hearts.
2. We can memorize Scripture! I saw students really stretch themselves on memorizing scripture. It was for very shallow reasons-for extra rec team points-that we all pushed ourselves to memorize a passage of scripture in 3 short days! I had several students that started off the week by telling me how bad they are are memorizing, and they ended up being able to recite Romans 12:9-15 by heart just by being intentional and challenging themselves.
3. Adults, if you have visited YouTube lately, you know that the future for our students can look a little scary…I’ve asked myself: This is the rising generation that will lead our country’s future? But as we had our small group discussions after Bible teaching each day at camp, I got excited. God is moving in this generation of students. I could see that students are hungry to know God and eager to follow him. God is at work in the details of their lives and they were tender hearted and repentant. Many tears were shed this week as God’s kindness led students to repentance and they decided to change to follow Him more intentionally. Will you ask your student how God challenged them to be different over the past week? They want you to lead them and teach them how to follow Jesus.
4. God showed me an equation while at camp: Be still for a few minutes + worship Him + read the Bible = hear God’s voice and experience changed heart and life. I got to see this over and over at camp. And that it only takes ONE person to be genuine and transparent for everyone to open up.

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