Defining who I am


The past few days have been really different.  With both kids gone this week and Herschel on a mission trip, I was a little freaked out about what to do with all this time on my hands.  I panicked a little, and began to think:  I know that God is the one who defines me, and my identity is in him, but my daily schedule and activities revolve around being a wife and mom.  So if I’m not doing “wife and mom stuff”, what in the world will I do?  I know that my purpose in life is ultimately to know God and to make him known to others.  But how will I do that if I have nothing to do?  I was venting all of these thoughts to Herschel the morning he was leaving, (Helllloooooo?! Stupid timing, but I couldn’t help myself!)  and he simply said, “Please don’t have a mid-life crisis in the few days that I’m gone.”  He wouldn’t be amused to come home to a sports car in the driveway!  It’s been really eye-opening for me to examine my heart this week.  I have had to remind myself often of the truth.  Besides being wife and mom (which is the best occupation in the world!) I am also simply defined as Christine, daughter of the Most High God.  He loves me and says that I am significant.  I have had to think on the truths in these scriptures:

As a postscript to the last entry, I need to add that bifocals are annoying.  Ushering in my 40th birthday month…a new prescription for glasses.  Bifocals.  Nothing will make you feel middle-aged like hearing that!  Well, except, “Your cholesterol is elevated.”  And that was all in the same day.  The bright side is that my glasses are a cute accessory. 🙂

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