Turning 40 is not so bad :)


The ultimate 80's pic of me in 7th grade

This may seem kind of weird, but for my 40 birthday party, I wanted to celebrate my LIFE.  If you knew me 20 years ago, you knew that I was probably not going to make it to my 40 birthday.  Because of the destructive path I was on, it wasn’t going to turn out pretty. If an addiction and stupid choices didn’t do it, the depression and darkness that constantly hovered over me would have led me to self-destruction.  If you knew me then, you remember that anyone would have said, “That girl is headed for jail or is gonna end up dead.” I tried to get myself cleaned up but I just couldn’t do it.  The reason I can celebrate my life is only because Jesus is a healer and miracle worker. I’m living proof.  

Herschel booked a karaoke D.J., and some outstanding friends put together a great party:  Christine’s Like, Totally, 80’s Crazy Karaoke 40th Birthday Extravaganza!  And, yes, it was definitely as fun as it sounds.  Thank you, Cindy and Joel, for hosting a totally awesome celebration! Thank you Mom, Karri, Lynette, Shelly, and Di for decorations that were so, like, incredible I can hardly express how beautiful it looked. I love you!

What party is complete without "YMCA"?

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